Welcome to the Workshop: Growing Strong to Reach Our Vision’s Heights.

Welcome to the Workshop: Growing Strong to Reach Our Vision’s Heights.

Welcome to Masterskya. If you’ve found yourself here, well, you’re in a good place. Masterskya means “workshop” in Russian, and that’s what we are: a workshop. Martial arts training, specifically Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and boxing, is our trade. And personal growth is what we craft.

We have very defined ethics and goals, but we’re grounded — there’s no pretension here. As there is no pretension, there are no illusions to seduce students into unfair situations. We mean it when we say: No contracts. No nonsense. Just honest training.

We are a shock to the system. We don’t adhere to the traditions and trappings of “martial arts school as a business.” We are a business, in that we offer a product for a price. But we keep our prices low, so we keep the barrier of entry low. We remove contracts and third party payment systems from the equation.

We remove boundaries and restrictions from our education. Anybody can train with us, whenever they please. All we require is a brief email back and forth, to learn about each other. We do this to protect our space, and the people who come here to better themselves. We value our bonds with our students over their bank accounts.

We build trust with low prices, and an uncluttered and unfettered pay structure. Our students know they receive world-class training from our staff and visiting instructors. And they know they receive that education at the fairest price in not only Brooklyn, but all New York City.

This is all to say our success is thanks to you: our students. Your commitment to building this community with us is what makes it possible for us to keep our prices so low — and still grow. We definitely started a bold project, and we had a healthy amount of ambition. But we always had a plan for growth — a plan that doesn’t come at the cost of our core values.

A big part of that plan was: to reach people on a straightforward and honest level. To offer them a safe and positive space to better themselves. And to put education and community building before everything else.

The next big part of that plan was hoping people would respond. And you did.

Know that your support allows others to train when, maybe, they don’t have the means. It also allows our school to grow at a sustainable rate, without sacrificing our values or education quality.

As we grow our community, we will have more opportunities. That means more classes in our core BJJ and boxing programs, and more varied programs. For example: more Muay Thai, and more special events.

We thank you all for supporting us and our vision. We’re thrilled you value it, and are benefiting from it. Brooklyn is our home — all are friends and loved ones live throughout Bushwick and Bed-Stuy. We value and cherish our community, and we are proud of our students for helping to foster this love. Giving the local neighborhoods and beyond accessible martial arts training is our passion.

As we grow we will continue to open our doors to the people around us. We will continue to be a beacon for people who want a rigorous, positive and honest experience in martial arts.

Thank you.

Let’s train!

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"Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes." -Walt Whitman, Song of Myself. "There may be no greater pleasure on Earth than going to sleep without having to wake up at a specific time." -Andrew Fanelli, 2012 Facebook Status.

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