Mission and Vision

Masterskya has a very specific vision. We believe that the martial arts should be accessible to anyone. We designed our business and payment system in such a way that anyone is able to participate. We are building a community that is looking to grow though the martial arts; whether it be for competition, lifestyle, self-defense, fitness or any other goal.

Masterskya’s mission is to bring the martial arts to its roots. We exist to provide the most honest, highest-level training possible in an altruistic environment for anyone who wants to pursue the martial way.

We believe that the martial arts should not have a required attire. You can wear any gi, regardless of color or affiliation. If you can not afford a gi, you can come in a T-shirt and shorts and we will work with you as necessary.

We ask that you:

Please respect yourself and your training partners.

Make sure you come in with a clean uniform and maintain proper hygiene.

Act in an honorable way.

Trust and listen to your instructors in regards to safety. Training and competition are separate from one another.

Please leave your ill will at the door.

Masterskya believes in the good will of people.