We are expanding, a video to explain whats happening and our future goals!

We are expanding, a video to explain whats happening and our future goals!

Hey everyone!

Masterskya Bushwick opened its doors on June of 2016, and we are hoping to open Masterskya Downtown Brooklyn aka Masterskya2 aka Masterskya Squared in February of 2018.

Our dream is to spread true, no nonsense, honest martial arts to anyone and everyone. The martial arts changed our lives, it is all we know, and we want to pass it down and have it benefit and help whoever needs it.

First and foremost, our number one priority is the level of training. It is extremely important to us to keep the level of the training as high as possible and to never let the quality be compromised. Because of this, we are getting additional instructors on full time staff to help with the training. Soon, there will be schedules with who teaches what class available for all the students to see ahead of time.

The two schools will have separate memberships, but as always there are no contracts and if anyone has a membership (paid for a month or year or one of the specials for example) they can visit the other location at an extremely discounted rate.

We are doing our best and will always do our best to keep the school as accessible as possible.

Without you all, none of this would be possible so thank you so much for helping us and spreading the good vibes together with us.

Together we will go far.

I made a video explaining more of this here: CLICK FOR VIDEO HERE!

If anyone has any questions please don’t hesitate to talk to us either in person or email us at BrooklynMasterskya@gmail.com

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