Masterskya Is Now (Over) 1 Year Old! Let’s Celebrate!

RSVP for the Masterskya Anniversary Party on Facebook — Sunday, November 5th from 4pm-8pm at Three Diamond Door, 211 Knickerbocker Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237. Note: Bring your own food to contribute to the party! It’s been a year. Well, more than a year. Hey, things take time. Whether you’re perfecting your technique or planning a party… things take time — and this time was well spe...[Read More]

Masterskya Anniversary Special!

As we pass our one year anniversary mark this past June, we wanted to hold a special for anyone that may be interested. If you buy a year pass to BJJ or Boxing, you get some nice additions. A private with Van or myself, a Masterskya Gi or Boxing gloves. Please take advantage of this before July 5th! If you have any questions, talk to me (Alex) at the school or email Brooklynmasterskya@gmail.com Pa...[Read More]

Masterskya teams up with Four: Lip Balm

A few weeks ago, Four: Lip Balm came to Bushwick, Brooklyn to visit Masterskya. The founder, Sumit, is a long time friend and training partner of Van and I. We all train together in the world famous Vitor Shaolin Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu academy in Manhattan. Sumit, a resident of NYC, started Four: out of his vision for the necessity for a quality lip balm product that does not have any unnatural ...[Read More]

Breaking Down the de la Riva Guard

As most of you know, Masterskya employs a scientific approach to understanding techniques. Every month has a new curriculum, and each week focusses on a set of techniques that get broken down day-by-day. We’re focusing on the de la Riva Guard this week, which is a very exciting position (and a personal favorite of mine). Alex Ecklin — Masterskya’s founder, leader, and head instruc...[Read More]

Meet Van Allen Flores: New Instructor, New Classes & New Opportunities.

As stated in the previous entry: our mission is to bring martial arts to the masses. We make that mission a reality by creating opportunities. Those opportunities allow people see paths to self-improvement. Brooklyn, New York is our home. Bushwick and Bed-Stuy are our neighborhoods. And our goal is to strengthen the local community — literally and figuratively. This is why we have a new instructor...[Read More]

Welcome to the Workshop: Growing Strong to Reach Our Vision’s Heights.

Welcome to Masterskya. If you’ve found yourself here, well, you’re in a good place. Masterskya means “workshop” in Russian, and that’s what we are: a workshop. Martial arts training, specifically Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and boxing, is our trade. And personal growth is what we craft. We have very defined ethics and goals, but we’re grounded — there’s no pretens...[Read More]