We are expanding, a video to explain whats happening and our future goals!

Hey everyone! Masterskya Bushwick opened its doors on June of 2016, and we are hoping to open Masterskya Downtown Brooklyn aka Masterskya2 aka Masterskya Squared in February of 2018. Our dream is to spread true, no nonsense, honest martial arts to anyone and everyone. The martial arts changed our lives, it is all we know, and we want to pass it down and have it benefit and help whoever needs it. F...[Read More]

Masterskya and Masterskya2 Schedules for 2018

MasterskyaBushwickSchedule MasterskyaDowntownBKSchedule Masterskya 2 will also have a kids program, please look at the schedule below: Masterskyakidsschedule


Van and I started teaching purely by accident. Shaolin would ask us to help out with a new student, “can you show him Americana”, and we gladly would. Americanas turned into how to get mount, which turned into how to pass the guard, and later why you have to pass in the first place. It was a puzzle, really.  Thinking back, we worked backwards. Thinking deeper and deeper, until we were ...[Read More]