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Masterskya and Masterskya2 Schedules for 2018

MasterskyaBushwickSchedule MasterskyaDowntownBKSchedule Masterskya 2 will also have a kids program, please look at the schedule below: Masterskyakidsschedule

How to effectively drill, practice and connect the dots.

We learn many different techniques, and although many times they are individual, you should find ways to connect them and have them “flow”. When you do, you start to develop a game, and your own style. Connecting the dots is like assembling a puzzle. Here, Van was drilling his bottom and different transitions that he enjoys in the Gi before his last fight in Fight to Win Pro Brooklyn. ...[Read More]


Van and I started teaching purely by accident. Shaolin would ask us to help out with a new student, “can you show him Americana”, and we gladly would. Americanas turned into how to get mount, which turned into how to pass the guard, and later why you have to pass in the first place. It was a puzzle, really.  Thinking back, we worked backwards. Thinking deeper and deeper, until we were ...[Read More]

Masterskya Anniversary Special!

As we pass our one year anniversary mark this past June, we wanted to hold a special for anyone that may be interested. If you buy a year pass to BJJ or Boxing, you get some nice additions. A private with Van or myself, a Masterskya Gi or Boxing gloves. Please take advantage of this before July 5th! If you have any questions, talk to me (Alex) at the school or email Pa...[Read More]

Masterskya teams up with Four: Lip Balm

A few weeks ago, Four: Lip Balm came to Bushwick, Brooklyn to visit Masterskya. The founder, Sumit, is a long time friend and training partner of Van and I. We all train together in the world famous Vitor Shaolin Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu academy in Manhattan. Sumit, a resident of NYC, started Four: out of his vision for the necessity for a quality lip balm product that does not have any unnatural ...[Read More]